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I hope that you will share the message in this website with everyone you know." SendMessage strBody, eFrom, eReply, eTo, eCc, eBcc, eAtt, Thanks end if %>
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The easiest way for you to get your own Worldwide Rosary prayer cards would be for you to simply print them out using the convenient pages (Print & Share) on this site, which are provided for this purpose, and then cutting out the sheets of paper, to make your own. However, not everyone necessarily owns a printer, and some people might not even be able to afford the cost of paper or even own a pair of scissors. So if you're willing to help spread the Worldwide Rosary Prayer to the world, but your financial resources won't permit you to print out your own cards using this site, then you can fill out this form to send me an email. You will have to include your mailing address, which I will need to send you some of the prayer cards.

Or if you would be able to send me a translation of the prayer into a language not yet found on this site, please include this information, and you might someday see your translation of the prayer.

For prayer intentions you’d like me to pray for, or to contact me for another reason, please fill out this form. (And don’t forget to pray for your prayer intentions yourself, too!) <%=hr%>
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