The Worldwide Rosary Prayer is a prayer which the Holy Spirit meant to share, not only with me, but through me to the whole world. The main message of the prayer is represented on this banner, “The power of the rosary is infinite”.

Through this infinite power of the rosary, with our sincere prayers of this devotion, we can bring about the triumph of Jesus through his blessed mother, Mary. Mother Mary has told us that through the rosary, she will save the world!

But for Mother Mary to save the world through the rosary, we her children upon the Earth have to be praying the rosary every day. We have to lay down our swords, as Jesus told Peter to do, and pick up the more powerful weapon called “the rosary”.

Yes! Pray the rosary with your family every day! And when you pray the rosary by yourself, use the Worldwide Rosary Prayer, so you can make your prayers of the rosary even stronger than they already are! And pray for Jesus to come back soon and for all souls to be saved before then, so we can all be happy forever, sooner !

Look, it’s a big world, with lots of different countries, languages and people. And I’m just a little guy with a teddy bear. So if there’s anything you could do to help me spread “The Worldwide Rosary Prayer” to the world, I’d appreciate it, and I’m sure Jesus will appreciate it too. Feel free to send it by mail, e-mail or even tell it to someone over the phone! But always remember to give the prayer away freely. I received it freely from the Holy Spirit, and that’s how it must be spread to the world. It is not meant for anyone to make a profit from selling the prayer. And offer the prayer to people in a friendly way. Whether they accept it or not is up to them. Having said that, happy prayer-spreading, and hopefully, soul-winning!!!

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