Rosary Questions & Answers

Why should I pray the rosary?

The rosary is a very beautiful, and a very powerful prayer given to us through our Lord Jesus Christ’s own blessed mother, the Virgin Mary. In a vision given to one of her saints on earth, hundreds of years ago, Mama Mary taught us how to say this special prayer. This prayer is said to be one of our most powerful weapons against evil. It is also a very special way for us to meditate on the life of her Son, Jesus, in that the rosary includes Mysteries from the life of Jesus at the start of each decade prayed. Therefore, in praying the rosary we not only can meditate on the different parts of Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection, but we can also be assured that whatever prayer intention we pray for will be powerfully helped. <%=hr%>
If the rosary is so powerful already, why should I use this “Worldwide Rosary Prayer” with it?

I answer that question by saying that I believe this prayer was given to me by the Holy Spirit to share with the world, so that all of our rosaries said every day can work together for each intention we pray for. As I felt in that beautiful moment of revelation, the strength of the Communion of Saints is limitless! Our prayers are not in competition with each other, but rather we are actually all part of a great choir, singing together harmoniously. All we have to do is ask, as Jesus told us to -“Ask, and you shall receive” - and we will receive! Everything is so simple, and straightforward with God. So if we ask the Lord to use all of our rosary prayers said today to help the prayer intention we are praying for, He will use all those rosaries to help our prayer intention. I’m talking about having the power to magnify the already strong rosary prayer into an even more powerful weapon for goodness in the world. If we all used this rosary prayer in our private meditations of the rosary to pray with our hearts for good intentions, I believe evil’s days on this earth would quickly be numbered. <%=hr%>
Why is “private meditation” of this prayer stressed as being required?

I’ve been told on good authority that this prayer is all right to be used for my own private meditations, but that public recitations of the rosary should be said in the traditional way, so as not to create divisions in the Church. Of course, I agree with not wanting to create divisions in the Church, and yet, I am no better or worse than anyone else. We are all the same. Therefore, if it’s all right for me to pray this prayer in my own private meditations of the rosary, it’s all right for everyone else to do the same in their own private meditations of the rosary as well. I can not, in all good conscience, keep such a special and powerful prayer weapon for goodness to myself. And in any case, I know in my heart that the Lord Himself wants me to spread this special prayer to the world, so how could I refuse? <%=hr%>