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  Hello! Bonjour! Welcome to the Worldwide Rosary Prayer Website! My name is Leo Sourisseau. Please let me tell you what happened to me.

  It was November 5, 2002. I was praying the rosary more than I usually would, for a prayer intention which was particularly important to me, when something wonderful happened. Suddenly, it was like God opened my eyes, and I could see and feel the true and incredible depth of the Communion of Saints. Itís limitless! Thatís when I felt the Holy Spiritís inspiration, and the Spirit used me to write out the words of the Worldwide Rosary Prayer. The Lord Jesus then gave me the distinct impression that I am supposed to spread this prayer to the world. So here I am, displaying this website for this very purpose. Here is the prayer in its original language, in English, as given to me by the Holy Spirit, along with an explanation of how to use it: <%=hr%>

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<%=hr%> Rosary PrayerPrint & Share the Worldwide Rosary Prayer

The Worldwide Rosary Prayer is also available in other languages. Just click on the language of your choice, which will bring you to a page full of the Worldwide Rosary Prayer in that language. Then, print out as many copies as you want, cut out the sheets of paper into little prayer cards, and give them out to your friends, your enemies, or to anyone! After all, the full power of the rosary is for everyone! <%=hr%> The power of the rosary is strong, and I believe with this gift Iíve been given by the Holy Spirit, we can make it even stronger by uniting all our prayers of the rosary together. Thereís no way I could keep such a special gift to myself, I have to share it with everybody! I canít force you to believe, of course, but Iím sure that if you do, you will be richly blessed. Remember,